Message from a Jehovah’s Witness to me on and my response

9 Feb

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Manny
Date: Feb 9, 2004 02:29 AM

Hey bro just had a question for ya. How long were you a J.W., and How could you go from Knowing the TRUTH, to bieng an Athiest?? Sorry man, just one more question,………what exactly led you from the truth, I’m just curious, because I was inactive for 10 yrs, and I can say from experience that the world has nothin to offer, except worries and heartaches. If you think I’m bieng to nosy, I apologize. TTYS

— Manny S.

I was raised JW, so i was going steadily to meetings and preaching etc for 18 years.

I left when i was 18. Obviously, I f I still thought it was “The Truth™” I would still be in it 🙂

So the real question you need to think about is…why after knowing everything you know, after being taught day in and day out “The Truth™” , did i abandon it?

It wasn’t for the typical reasons that people are said to leave, booze drugs sex selfishness etc. As I approached the age of 18 I was under steady pressure to be baptized. I felt like I was being pressured to sign a contract without reading the small print first. Signing this contract had dire consequences, such as disfellowshipping.

So I did research. I read the writings of FORMER GOVERNING BODY MEMBER Raymond Franz. yes, someone at the very top of “The Organization™” also abandoned belief and left. Basically, my advice is as follows:

Never join the Republicans based solely on what the Republicans have to say about themselves. Never join the democrats based solely on what they have to say about themselves. Why? Because the republicans will claim they are right, and that the democrats are wrong and anything bad they say about the republicans are lies. Same goes for democrats.

because both sources are biased, it’s in your best interests to listen to not just what the democrats have to say, but what the republicans have to say. And of course, a 3rd party, let’s say Green party 🙂

Think about it, if it REALLY is Truth, then no lies can touch it. No amount of lies could possibly harm or discredit real truth. So it boils down to reading some materials that are negative to JW. Read it independently..then weigh your options. Weigh what you’ve been taught as a JW, then weigh what the negative criticism is. Decide which has more merit. Then make your choice.

As for Atheism, that’s a whole different story. My advice to you goes only in deciding which religion if any, you would want to associate with. Belief in a deity is another thing entirely. I don’t see any evidence for god, anymore than I do for faeries or elves. But if a fairy or elf shows up one day, you’ll bet I’ll believe in them. That’s just me now, I believe fantastic claims (“talking snake, talking donkey, sun standing still, dead men being brought to life”) require fantastic proof.

If I told you, hey manny, I can shoot laser beams out my eyes. Would you just believe me? Wouldn’t you require proof? That’s just how my mind works anyway, and my atheism is just where I have decided on the whole God issue. Anyway, hope this clears things up.


7 Responses to “Message from a Jehovah’s Witness to me on and my response”

  1. laceyjess February 9, 2004 at 8:17 pm #

    I have the same issues with JW’s. They can not possibly beleive I left the religion after knowing the “truth”. Well its knowing the truth that caused me to leave! I do not think people understand that religion is an idea, a beleif and some people will have different beliefs…its all based on faith anyway…
    I like the Southpark episode (the movie I think) where the workd ended and a bunch of people are in hell… “But Satan, I am a Jehovahs Witness” Satan: “No, the correct one was Mormon, yes Mormon was the right answer”.

  2. yujin February 9, 2004 at 9:49 pm #

    That is really sad, that disfellowship thing.
    Man, it’s really difficult when you have found the perfect person who you want to be with for the rest of your life, and the marriage seems like it’s a done deal.. Then you have to deal with the whole JW thing.
    But, I can’t bring myself to believe what the Watchtower decides God is saying to me. I guess its for the best then…
    Long story, Dan. I’d like to share it with you sometime…

    • bboyneko February 9, 2004 at 10:18 pm #

      Re: Disfellowshiping…
      uh oh, don’t tell me you got involved with a JW? Very bad news…

  3. Anonymous February 10, 2004 at 6:59 am #

    Well, look on the bright side…
    At least one JW actually asked you questions and pretended to be open to your ideas. Let us know if you hear from him again…

  4. Anonymous February 10, 2004 at 9:42 am #

    Remeber JW is a cult, just like Christian Science, Mormonism and the Moonies. If you arent sure what a cult is some of the main hallmarks are :
    a.) The bible isnt taken in its standard form. Its either added to changed or superseded. (some turn this round saying the rest of the world is using an altered version). Often its not held as the word of God.
    b.) Salvation comes through acts or deeds rather than simple acceptance of Christs death for you. The central core to Christianity is that you need do nothing to recieve everlasting life, you merely have to accept what Jesus offers. No conditions, no acts or tasks to complete. Its free. You might say that doesnt make sense but then again God isnt human 🙂
    c.) Leaders are put in a high position equal to or exceeding Jesus and or God, in some cases believing that they can become gods themselves.
    Obviously this only works for Christian cults but you get the idea. There are so many preporting to be “Christian” misleading millions with the promise of freedom yet bringing only slavery.

    • bboyneko February 10, 2004 at 10:00 am #

      I agree it’s a cult and your list of cults, however I disagree on the following points:
      1) Just because a religious group inerprets the bible in their own way (that’s what seperates all christian sects, baptists, lutherans, etc) does not mean they are a cult.
      2) just because a group does not beleive the bible is the word fo god does not make them a cult. JW’s beleive the bible is god’s word as do mormons.
      3) Your “central core” argument of christianty many other christians would disagree with. Again, wether a group adheres to your version of christianity does not make them a cult.
      4) Your point about the religious leaders being as high as god or whatnot is accurate.
      A more generic ans scientific method of determing what is a cult is as follows:
      a) any group that uses it’s own terminolgy and ‘group-think’..they will often use phrases that have special meaning only in the group. FOr Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s “The Organization” ,”The Truth”, “THe Other Sheep”, “The Faithful and Discreet Slave” etc. In Scientolgy, it’s “Mass” among many. THis does not make them a cult per se, but is a danger sign.
      b) any group that discourages or forbids fraternization with “outsiders” or “worldy” people not of the group.
      c) any group that subjects you to rigorous shcedule of activity related to the group. In the Jehova’s Witnesses, they are expected to attend 5 meetins a week, 2 conventions a year, and evaneglize minimum of 10 hours a month. Also, they are expected to spend at least an hour before each emeting studying the printed material. Sleep deprivation is also common
      d) any group that encourages you to live in a special compound where you live eat and sleep and devote your waking hours to serving the group.
      e) biggest danger sign: groups that teach that you should shun and avoid former members of the group, or that all material of any kind that is critical of the group is somehow evil, written or influenced by “the evil one” and should never be read, listened to, or spoken of.
      Read George Orwell’s Animal Farm for a good description of how cults work.

  5. Anonymous February 11, 2004 at 3:22 am #

    I personally left the JWs for similar reasons. I wasn’t ‘doing’ anything ‘wrong’. I was just working hard, and having to deal with the day to day of a high control group. At 19, I realized that all of this rote and tradition was nothing more than a way to control people who needed to believe in a big brother up there, no matter what the personal cost was on Earth.
    I got married to my JW sweetheart, and we slowly left.
    It was worth it. We’re no longer bound by the chains of a religion that values damning individuality so highly.
    I’m an athiest, too, much for the same reasons you listed. Incredible claims need to be backed up.
    My view always was, if there was a God, and I didn’t believe in it for resons that were honest, that if this God really did exist, that he would take the sum of my life and understand why I didn’t believe.
    So, I’m not really worried.

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