I finally Beat metal gear solid 2: the ending sucked

16 Dec

Yes I finally beat metal gear solid 2 after 2 years..not that it was that hard but I played it in like 20-30 minute sitting once every 2 months.

Anyway, the ending made zero sense whatsoever. I know the Japanese love overly-complex stories in an effort to hide how boring the story essentially is, but this takes the cake.

Here, I’ll offer an example.

Bad boring Video game story
A boy once lived in a kingdom. A bad alien takes it over. Boy finds girl, girls helps boy defeat bad guy. The end. Oh and guy gets girl.

Same story, with Japanese story treatment
Once in a kingdom that is actually composed of memory bits in the cerebral cortex of Brainu, the ancient computer sentient deity created by vishnaiku, goddess of ancient hoagies, lived a apparently self-aware creature, but little did he know his every action was actually a orchestrated simulation of an incident that actually happened eons ago, in an effort to derive new DNA coding fragments that had been lost due to the brother of a cloned genetically engineered soldier named Hard Wood severing his leg and attaching it to Donut Derick, a man who skill with donut throwing is unparalleled throughout the quasi-galaxy.

In his adventure, our hero encounter Sugar Puff, a fierce but scantily-clad warrior who has big bouncy boobs. etc etc…

anyway, in retrospect, the game was fun, I enjoyed the amazing cinematic cut scenes..but damn if that wasnt the lamest story this side of Identity.


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