juon freaky as fuck

25 Oct

Trailer for Juon..freak ya the fuck out dont watch alone

So as most of you are aware RING was originally a japanese movie called RINGU…well the japanese are masters of horror and suspense and from some of the same minds that brought you ringu comes JUON..watch the trailer it will scare the shit out of you

The spirits of those wronged can seek revenge in the after life, can manifest themselves as a curse for all who come into contact with them. A murder has taken place within a house situated in a Tokyo suburb. Five years later and the occupants have changed, the visitors have changed, but the spirits remain. In a series of short horror vignettes a chain is created through which the curse spreads, through which the grudge will continue to grow.


One Response to “juon freaky as fuck”

  1. spookiesgirl October 25, 2003 at 4:25 pm #

    Dude that looks fuckin’ awesome!! 😀
    There’s a Taiwanese flick I need to see called Double Vision…I’ll see if I can find you the link somewhere, that also looks spectacular 😀

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