Babies deserve to die! they are sinners!

22 Oct

The following is a conversation I had with a christian
on as she tries to justify god killing babies

bboyneko1: the bible says donkeys talked and that god orders his people to kill babies
bboyneko1: it says a lot of weird things
janiz1998: god never ordered to kill babys and u dont believe the donkey talked?
bboyneko1: hmm
bboyneko1: i guess you should read 1 samuel chapter 15
janiz1998: u must dont belive in satan or jesus
janiz1998: o…when they captured the cannanite people??
bboyneko1: 1 samuel 15 Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy [1] everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and suckling babies, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’ “
janiz1998: haha…do u know why he said that
bboyneko1: because the babies deserved to die?
bboyneko1: as we all know, many newborn infants commit so many sins they should be put to death
bboyneko1: oops caps
janiz1998: u mean bold? and god did that to show them the complete destruction of thoes that dont serve him
bboyneko1: lol
bboyneko1: so you think
bboyneko1: its ok to kill babies for what their parens did
bboyneko1: or do you somehow beleive the babies deserved to die
janiz1998: no….u dont kill babies for their parents…but u have to remember that we all sin and fall short and since god is a merciful god, he wud probably resurect a baby
bboyneko1: lol!!!!
bboyneko1: he is so merciful
bboyneko1: he kills babies
bboyneko1: thats pretty good
bboyneko1: and so loving
bboyneko1: he mercifully and lovingly kills babies by sword and spear
janiz1998: he did offer up his own son didnt he?
bboyneko1: yes, but the bible has it so jesus is sacrificed as a sacrifice for humans sins
bboyneko1: the babies didnt do ANYTHING
bboyneko1: they were 100% innocent
janiz1998: no.
janiz1998: we are BORN sinners
bboyneko1: yet god, despite his infinite power to for example, NOT kill babies chooses to kill them
bboyneko1: just a second ago you denied god had ever ordered the killing of babies
janiz1998: yeah i wasnt thinking abt the cannanites
bboyneko1: ooh so newborn babies deserve death
bboyneko1: so whats wrong with abortion?
janiz1998: any sinner deserves death
bboyneko1: even a baby
bboyneko1: i cant beleive im hearing this
bboyneko1: death to babies! lol
bboyneko1: they are sinners! hehe
janiz1998: ok…do u believe all are sinners?
bboyneko1: no
janiz1998: whys that
bboyneko1: what wrong did a baby do?
bboyneko1: a baby is born
bboyneko1: and wants food
bboyneko1: dosent even know what god is
janiz1998: they have and imperfection
bboyneko1: or 1+1
bboyneko1: a baby is the essense of innocense
janiz1998: the are imperfect
bboyneko1: ‘whomever is like one of these small children shall enter into the kingdom of god’ jesus said about babies
janiz1998: still thats the point…they will sin because it is inevitable for all humans that are born of a man
janiz1998: like a child…
janiz1998: meaning being humble
bboyneko1: lol…this conversation is are telling me its ok for god to kill babies
bboyneko1: hahahha
bboyneko1: you lose
bboyneko1: 😉
janiz1998: i say god is perfect in justice
bboyneko1: yup
bboyneko1: so again you say
janiz1998: he has his reasons for everything he does
bboyneko1: God is LOVING, god is MERCIFUL..god is PERFECT and never unjust
janiz1998: and it will bablance out in the end
bboyneko1: so you tell me it is LOVING, MERCIFUL, and perfectly JUST to kill babies
janiz1998: u cnat say that of humans
bboyneko1: message me again
bboyneko1: when you can show why it is ok for god to not just kill babies
bboyneko1: but kill them by sword and spear
bboyneko1: if god is perfect, he could have peacefull killed them
janiz1998: back then that was the most peacful way to kill someone
bboyneko1: hahahaha
bboyneko1: god is ALL PWOERFUL
bboyneko1: he can kill anyone anyway he wants
bboyneko1: he didnt have to use spears
bboyneko1: he didnt even have to kill babies
bboyneko1: why not just kill the sinners
bboyneko1: and have the jews adopt the babies
bboyneko1: so they can grow up knowing god
bboyneko1: that would be loving and just
bboyneko1: oh my god i cant beleive this
bboyNeko1: if god took your newborn baby and had him killed by sword
bboyNeko1: youd be like
bboyNeko1: its ok he was a sinner anyway
bboyNeko1: and god will ressurect him
janiz1998: i would and so wud any other person that believes in the bible


Try this on any christian..ask them to read 1 samuel chapter 15, and then explain why it was ok for god to kill babies..this has worked 100% …no one has been able to explain it because of is wrong to kill babies lol.

what i caused in her is called Cognitive Dissonance

which is: a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation that causes that to be in doubt…its when you KNOW two things are both beyond a doubt true..yet both beyond a doubt contradict each other..its really a painful mental process to watch unfold.

Its like you guys know the earth is round..but if showed you PROOF it is flat..suddenly you may try to engage in logic gymnastics to justify both things..since you KNOW both are this case she KNOWS god is real and everything he did in the bible is perfect and just..and the bible says he killed babies..something she KNOWS is wrong..yet he is this basicly causes her to short circuit..its funny toying with the brainwashed

janiz1998: ok…why? dont JWs always have a scripture to prove all of thos things?
bboyneko1: ALL religions have scipture to ‘prove’ their beleifes
bboyneko1: catholics have scriptures to ‘rpove’ the trinity
bboyneko1: mormons have scripture to ‘prove’ theirs
bboyneko1: everyone does
janiz1998: well….then prove thoes otherwise
bboyneko1: and everyone beleives they are right and everyone else is wrong
bboyneko1: prove those otherwise? explain
janiz1998: prove that disfellowshipping and blood and 144000 beliefs are wrong
bboyneko1: i cant prove they are wrong, anymore than i can prove invisible pink unicorns live in the center of the earth 😀
bboyneko1: i cant prove them right either
bboyneko1: however i can tell you why I personally disagree with them
janiz1998: why
bboyneko1: why what
janiz1998: WHY DO U DISAGREE?
bboyneko1: oh
bboyneko1: well
bboyneko1: lets start with blood
janiz1998: k
bboyneko1: blood is the symbol of life
bboyneko1: in ancient jewish times, you wernt alolowed to eat blood under penalty of death
bboyneko1: pouring blood back to the ground was a symbolic act of showing respect to god, that life was his and he was permitting us to take it
bboyneko1: BUT, back then you couldnt work on sunday
bboyneko1: under penalty of death
janiz1998: saturday
bboyneko1: or eat pigs
bboyneko1: or eat certain parts of animals
bboyneko1: or eat animals that chewed the cud
bboyneko1: etc etc
bboyneko1: lots of dietary rules
bboyneko1: yes i mean the sabbath
janiz1998: but we arent under the law anymore
bboyneko1: they didnt use the same 7 day calendar we use
bboyneko1: exactly
bboyneko1: so if we arent under jewish law anymore
bboyneko1: why do you still follow the guidlines about blood
bboyneko1: ill tell you why, and you know already, acts 15:20
janiz1998: lol
bboyneko1: the only verse in the entire new testament that talks about blood
janiz1998: and?
janiz1998: 2tim 3:16
janiz1998: all scripture is inspired of god
bboyneko1: your using the bible, to prove the bible is holy?
bboyneko1: you just told me..the bible is holy because it says it is
bboyneko1: lol
bboyneko1: everyones holy book says it is from god
janiz1998: let me explain
bboyneko1: the book of mormon is ‘inspired of god’ as is the q’uran, the shinto texts
bboyneko1: referring to a verse within a holy book that states it is holy dosent prove anything
bboyneko1: anyway, we arent trying to prove the bible is from god, we are only discussing blood right now
bboyneko1: i was talking about acts 15:20 “keep abstaining from blood”
janiz1998: right
bboyneko1: ok
bboyneko1: the context of that verse is thusly: Back then many gentiles were converting to christianity
bboyneko1: and the majority of christians were former jews
bboyneko1: they were used to, as law-abiding jews, to not eat blood, pigs, certain animals, and to be circumsised
bboyneko1: the gentiles however, were not circumsised, ate anything that moved
bboyneko1: and many of the dishes of the era and place used blood
bboyneko1: the question posed in that chapter of acts in chapters previous was: Should these converted gentiles be circumsised?
janiz1998: no
janiz1998: they discussed that
janiz1998: the governing body of Paul’s time
bboyneko1: Acts chapter 15 verses 1-3:
bboyneko1: 1Some men came down from Judea to Antioch and were teaching the brothers: “Unless you are circumcised, according to the custom taught by Moses, you cannot be saved.” 2This brought Paul and Barnabas into sharp dispute and debate with them. So Paul and Barnabas were appointed, along with some other believers, to go up to Jerusalem to see the apostles and elders about this question. 3
janiz1998: and what did the apostles say
bboyneko1: again i repeat, the question posed was should these converted gentiles be circumsised
janiz1998: wait
janiz1998: brb
bboyneko1: ok
bboyneko1: heya
janiz1998: back…but i was going to say that the apostles decided that it was not required to get circumcised
bboyneko1: i know that
janiz1998: so whats your point
bboyneko1: im explainging the context of acts 15
bboyneko1: you havent let me get there yet
janiz1998: ok
bboyneko1: ok..they asked should gentiles be circumsised
bboyneko1: because they had been raised their entire life to view this as VERY IMPORTANT
bboyneko1: if you wernt circumsised you werent in favor with god
bboyneko1: so here is their conclusion:
bboyneko1: 19″It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God. 20Instead we should write to them, telling them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals and from blood. 21For Moses has been preached in every city from the earliest times and is read in the synagogues on every Sabbath.”
janiz1998: ur proving JWs poinr
janiz1998: point
bboyneko1: so you see the context? They are saying..ok dont need to sexually mutilate yourself to please god…but you should stay away from eating blood or un-kosher meat
bboyneko1: cus if you dont your going to offen the jews
janiz1998: no…bcos it offened the Jews that they didnt get circumcised
bboyneko1: yes BUT
bboyneko1: circumsision expecially back
bboyneko1: then
bboyneko1: and with grown men
bboyneko1: was risking your life and extremeley painful
bboyneko1: so they said, why dont you just do these small things at least, so the jews and gentiles can live in peace
bboyneko1: anyway, im not my blood point
bboyneko1: not done
bboyneko1: i meant
bboyneko1: explain how acts 15:20 abstain from blood and from the meat of strangled animal’ means ‘you should die on an operating table rather than accept a blood transfusion’
bboyneko1: in your own words
janiz1998: let me answer that
bboyneko1: ok
bboyneko1: and remember, i was raised a JW and know everything you do 😀
janiz1998: but u havent experienced everything i have….u will not die from not taking blood…i see your problem….you dont want to lose your life for something the Bible says not to do….(wait for me to finish this)
janiz1998: when my mom was pregnant with me they told her she HAD to take blood for me and her to love
janiz1998: *live
janiz1998: she didnt but took saline and both of us are alive and well… cant believe everything doctors say….they push blood so much because it is a money making business…..
janiz1998: believe someone who has lived through it
bboyneko1: blood is big money
bboyneko1: agreed
bboyneko1: and yes, many surgeries can be performed without blood
bboyneko1: agreed
bboyneko1: and blood CAN transmit diseases such as HIV, agreed
bboyneko1: continue
janiz1998: so why would u want to take blood with all thoes negatives, when you can just take a medicine that does the same thing faster without break god’s law?
bboyneko1: have still not explained in your own words why acts 15:20 means we should not take blood transfusions at the risk of our own life
janiz1998: but u arent risking your life…just tell them….no blood but give me saline or ringer’s solution…..
bboyneko1: lol
bboyneko1: scenario 1) you just had a car accident, youve lost almost all your blood
bboyneko1: fact: blood expanders cannot carry oxygen to your organs, only red blood cells can
bboyneko1: blood expanders make it so your veins dont collapse
bboyneko1: fact: there is no blood substitue available that can carry oxygen to your organs
bboyneko1: in a case such as that, if you dont get red blood cells in your body fast, you die
bboyneko1: in a PRE-PLANNED SURGERY..sure you can have it without blood
bboyneko1: and there are people who have survived massive blood loss
janiz1998: thats not blod tho….and water can….they did a test on it….plus they have new technology such as the cell saver that can help you keep your blood with out a transfusion
bboyneko1: but for example, look at the AWAKE! of May 22, 1984, where it has 26 smiling children, who died after refusing blood transufions
bboyneko1: LOL!!!!
bboyneko1: show me a link, or any medical article that states water can carry oxygen to your organs
bboyneko1: i gues sill just blee dmyself dry and use water in my veins
janiz1998: NO
janiz1998: thats not what i mean
janiz1998: and u know that
bboyneko1: STILL have not explained in your own words why acts 15:20 means do not take a blood transfusion under any circumstances
bboyneko1: if your so willing to risk your life for the beleif, id think you would understand very well and easily why acts 15:20 backs up the beleif
janiz1998: because it says to abstain from blood….it doesnt say unless you are about to die abstain from blood….
bboyneko1: ok
bboyneko1: it also says to abstain from meat of strangled animals
bboyneko1: so should you die rather than eat the meat of a strangled animal
janiz1998: right
janiz1998: huh?
bboyneko1: if your starving to death, and the only thing to eat is a rabbit who you strangled to detah
bboyneko1: in the SAME line it says abstain from blood and abstain from meat of strangled animals
bboyneko1: so if you are saying “it dosent say unless you are about to die abstain fromb lood” that also applies for strangled meat
janiz1998: u can kill the rabbit and bleed it….when something is strangled the blood is left lingering in its body instead of being poured out like god said….
janiz1998: so no i wudnt eat it unless it was properly bled
bboyneko1: let me give you an intersting story from the bible
janiz1998: ok
bboyneko1: jesus said, who among you if your animal fell into a well on the sabbath, would not save it?
bboyneko1: jesus said this knowing full well that the penalty for doing work on the sabbath was death
janiz1998: o my…i cant believe ur using this story
bboyneko1: he himself had his life threatened many times for doing work on the sabbath
bboyneko1: let me finish
janiz1998: i know whre u are geting at
bboyneko1: in that example..saving the life of even an animal
bboyneko1: was more important that observing a law that would normally have a death penalty for breaking
bboyneko1: one more example before i get to the point
janiz1998: k
bboyneko1: lets say you are married
janiz1998: ok
bboyneko1: the ring is the symbol of your marriage
bboyneko1: whats more important, the ring or the actual marriage?
bboyneko1: the symbol or the reality?
janiz1998: so whats the symbol in this discussion?
bboyneko1: blood
bboyneko1: blood is the symbol of life
bboyneko1: life is the reality
bboyneko1: blood is its symbol
bboyneko1: does it make ssense to risk the reality for the sake of the symbol
bboyneko1: and the fact remains, as shown in that AWAKE! i mentioned and several watchtowers and awakes since then, is many Jehovahs witnesses have died over the symbol of life
bboyneko1: given their actual life, over the symbol
bboyneko1: one more point: the initial law against blood in the bible was to not eat it. other uses for blood, for example in the time of moses when people were instructed to put lambs blood on their door, were ok
bboyneko1: eating was what was forbidden
janiz1998: well
janiz1998: if your doctor told u u were allergic to lets say coconut and he said dont eat it, wud u take it in ur veins or wud u drink coconut juice?
bboyneko1: explain, again in your own words, how a blood transfusion is the same as eating
janiz1998: its not….the point is….dont take it in…
janiz1998: whether u eat it or take it in an IV
bboyneko1: no it wanst dont take it was dont eat blood
bboyneko1: when blood is does not get digested, it does not get broken down into simpler remains blood, retains its function as blood
bboyneko1: can you think of another example where this happens
bboyneko1: ill give you one 😉 an organ transplant
bboyneko1: if I got a , for example, liver transplant
bboyneko1: did I just eat that liver?
bboyneko1: am I a cannibal?
janiz1998: no….lol…..but the bible only says not to eat blood….but later u have to remember the christians broke it down……dont eat strangled animals which wud be eating blood and then it said abstain from blood…..
bboyneko1: ok
bboyneko1: do you think it would be logical to argue that taking an organ transplant is the same as cannibalism?
janiz1998: no
bboyneko1: ok..ill give you an interseting story
janiz1998: but if someone not to eat something or it wud cause u harm, wud u take it in another way?
janiz1998: ok
bboyneko1: in the 1960,s..all the way up until 1981 or so, this one religion beleived storngly that organ transplants was strongly that they died rather than take organ transplants
janiz1998: the witness
janiz1998: but they changed didnt they?
bboyneko1: yes
janiz1998: u know why
bboyneko1: but for 20 years
bboyneko1: they beleived this
bboyneko1: and died for it
bboyneko1: and they changed their minds
janiz1998: they wont change abt blood….
bboyneko1: given the medical history of the witnesses, are you sure you want to trust them the blood thing?
janiz1998: yah
janiz1998: i do
bboyneko1: lol
janiz1998: can i tell u y
bboyneko1: remmeber, the arguments they used for saying organ transplants are cannibalism
bboyneko1: are the same arguments they use for saying blood transfusions are the same as eating blood
bboyneko1: for canniblaism they said ‘taking in a body organ and ‘sustaining life’ through its use was the same as canniblasm
janiz1998: but u keep omitting the fact that the bible later says to ABSTAIN….
bboyneko1: exactly
janiz1998: meaning stay away
bboyneko1: how does the word abstain
bboyneko1: a fairly light word
bboyneko1: mean die rather than?
bboyneko1: if i told you to abstain from milk
janiz1998: the bible doesnt say not to use organs
bboyneko1: do you think the wording is strong enough to mean die rather than?
janiz1998: look up abstain
bboyneko1: the fact that bible says to not use organs didnt stop the governing body from issuing the beleif that organ transplants is cannibalism
bboyneko1: i dosent say not to…
bboyneko1: To refrain from something by one’s own choice
janiz1998: the bible didnt say not to smoke either….and im at that same site….
janiz1998: lol
bboyneko1: yup
bboyneko1: but that didnt stop the govenring body from issung a doctrine
bboyneko1: on smoking
janiz1998: it says refrain from doing something…not refrain from doing something if it isnt a life or death situation
bboyneko1: the bible dosent say many things
janiz1998: exactly
bboyneko1: it laso dosent say die on an operating table rather than accept a blood transfusion
janiz1998: but it does say abstain from blood
bboyneko1: it says abstain from blood
janiz1998: right
bboyneko1: and the ONLY use for blood back then was for eating
bboyneko1: again, how does the word abstain all of a sudden mean die?
janiz1998: and? that shows god;s wisdom
bboyneko1: can I show you another example of gods wisdom you might appreciate
janiz1998: well.
janiz1998: u didnt answer my question
bboyneko1: sorry
bboyneko1: what wa sthe question
janiz1998: abstain

v 1: refrain from voting 2: choose to refrain; “i abstain from alcohol” [syn: refrain, desist] [ant: consume]

bboyneko1: yeah
bboyneko1: not I would rather die than drink alcohol
janiz1998: consume is an ant of abstain
janiz1998: thats not the point
bboyneko1: dyes it is
bboyneko1: ys it is
bboyneko1: because you are saying the verse in the bible that says abstain from blood
bboyneko1: means you should die rather than take it
janiz1998: it says to stay away from it
bboyneko1: if somone says..i abstain from high calorie think they would give their life rather than eat a big mac
janiz1998: it says in other word….dont consume it
bboyneko1: yes,…to ABSTAIN..and rememember the context..the context was to avoid displeasing the jews and their old beleifs
janiz1998: no
bboyneko1: dietary context..meat of strangled animals…blood
janiz1998: if that was their reasoning, they wud have done the circumcision and sacrificed animals and observed the sabbath
bboyneko1: youd think such an important beleif..that your life should be risked or even sacrificed rather than take blood in any form..would have been repeated more than briefly within one setnece in the new testament
bboyneko1: no..let me show my line of thinking before you continue
janiz1998: twice
bboyneko1: oooooooh..twice
bboyneko1: lol
bboyneko1: 🙂
bboyneko1: anyway
janiz1998: acts 21:25
janiz1998: look at Mark 8:35 and 36
bboyneko1: in my opinion..the apostles beleived all jewish laws were no longer needed..sabbath..sacrificng animals..blood..all invalid..jesus said you have only 2 commandments, love your neighbor as yourself and love god…
bboyneko1: anyway…they felt that since this was causing such division
bboyneko1: the jws being pissed gentiles werent circumisised
bboyneko1: they thought it best in the nature of cooperation and compromising that they give the jews something..from the gentiles
janiz1998: no…thats what the bible says
bboyneko1: so they said..ok gentiles..just observe some of the easy dietary the kosher meat and avoid blood..cus if youe at unkosher meat or blood in ront of the jews itll get ugly again
bboyneko1: keeping in mind that most christian meeting at the time took place at a dinne rtable
janiz1998: are u abt to tell me the point
bboyneko1: that verse dosent prove anything..I can tell you hey! I beleive that god would rather have us die than take medicine..because only jesus had the power of healing and if we use medicine we disrespect god..and if you look at mark 8:35 it says whoever loses his life for the gospel will save if we die rather than take medicine we are actually saving our life
bboyneko1: also looka t ‘all scripture is inspired’ that provs that since the bible shows only jesus healing and it never talks of doctors..that we should only beleive in jesus and pray for healing and never use doctors
janiz1998: NO
janiz1998: jesus said to go to a physician bcos they are there for our good
bboyneko1: show me wher ehe said that
bboyneko1: show me where he said that i meant
janiz1998: he said tho if u break a law of god to save ur self u will lose gods favor meanign u will lose your life later….ok
bboyneko1: of course i beleive u should us e medicine, i was mereley illustrating to you how easy it is to use the verses you gave me to support any beleif especially about dying over
bboyneko1: i dont disgaree that the bible teaches that dying for god is good..what we are arguing is not that..but wether hed really want you to die over the blood issue
bboyneko1: Matthew 9

12On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.

janiz1998: well..u know luke was a physician….and god used him to write 2 books of the bible…and if he says to stay away from something…that means do it whether your life depends on it or not….like he said to remain no part of the world…that means dont compromise to save urself
bboyneko1: BUT I can use this following verse to try and prove the point that doctors are useless:
bboyneko1: Mark 5
26She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse.

bboyneko1: tAGAIn we are NOT arguing about wether it is right to die over what the bible teahces..i agree with you…we are specifically arguing wether or not the bible teaches you should die over blood
janiz1998: its says stay away from blood, so if a sitution comes where u can “save yourself” using blood u still avoid it
bboyneko1: that is a BIG stretch
bboyneko1: the bible teaches us to respect life
bboyneko1: even that of an i showed you in the jesus animal in the well example
bboyneko1: and i beleive god would NOT want us to die over the symbol of life
bboyneko1: as you said the bible dosent mention organ transplants..and a blood transfusion is a organ transplant, just as a skin graft is
bboyneko1: skin is an organ in function just as blood is
bboyneko1: the bible says stay away from bad association
bboyneko1: do you think that means we should die rrather than associate with a bad person?
janiz1998: blood is not an organ
bboyneko1: if a situation where we risk or life or are very sure to lose it unless we associate with a ‘bad’ person
bboyneko1: i said organ in function
bboyneko1: collectively, the red blood cells and white blood cells and plasma all serve a function
bboyneko1: and again..the word abstain is very weak
bboyneko1: not strong word like abhor..avoid at the cost of even your life..etc
janiz1998: haha….when it says associate it means make friends….we have to be around people and use the people in the world for a reason… the bible says the people of god wud use the milk of the nations…meing the resources of the nations
bboyneko1: just as the bible says avoid bad association
bboyneko1: a light word
bboyneko1: no one would seriously beleive the verse that says to avoid bad accosiation means die rather than associate with bad people
janiz1998: it says do not be misled bad association spoils usful habits
bboyneko1: fo you to take the verse ‘abstain from blood and strangled animals’ to mean avoid even t the cost of your life
janiz1998: it doesnt say dont ever be around bad people
bboyneko1: is a big stretch
janiz1998: ok
bboyneko1: 1 Peter 2:11
Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul.

bboyneko1: so did peter there should die rather than have one sinful desire?
janiz1998: no
bboyneko1: its not even a sinful act..but a desire
bboyneko1: oops..bold 😀
janiz1998: what does verse 12 say tho
bboyneko1: but you just told me that the word abstain means avoid at even the cost of your life
janiz1998: but look at the explination in verse 12
bboyneko1: 12Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.

bboyneko1: what does that have to do with my question
bboyneko1: peter jus said abstain from sinful desires
bboyneko1: the fact is he used the SAME word
bboyneko1: abstain
bboyneko1: about a DESIRE
bboyneko1: you just old me that abstain means to stay away even risking or losing your life
bboyneko1: he might as well have said in verse 11, abstain from blood
bboyneko1: and keep verse 12 the same
janiz1998: right so it was saying that we shud absating from them….he didnt say u cant have them….it means dont carry them out, bcos we are all imperfect and ALL have sinful desires, so u know he isnt saying u cnat have them
bboyneko1: youd still believe that dying over blood is right
janiz1998: YES
bboyneko1: hehehe
janiz1998: bcos u will NO die from not taking blood
janiz1998: oopd NOT
bboyneko1: its funny how you have two completley different definitions of abstain 😀
janiz1998: oops
bboyneko1: abstain means abstain
janiz1998: right
bboyneko1: it dosent mean die rather tna
janiz1998: but like u said before look at the context
bboyneko1: you seem to think it does for blood
bboyneko1: even tho they ONLY use the word abstain
janiz1998: means stay away
bboyneko1: yup
bboyneko1: not ‘if you are presented with a situation where it your life or [item you need to abstain from] you die
bboyneko1: obviously it didnt mean that about sinful desires
bboyneko1: why would it mean that for blood
bboyneko1: again, blood is the SYMBOL of life and you are willing to destroy your ACTUAL life over the symbol
janiz1998: o my goodness….sinful desires are impossible to avoid….its only possible to avaoid carrying them out
bboyneko1: yup
bboyneko1: so why use such a strong word
bboyneko1: abstain
bboyneko1: which you think abstain is such a string word that if I said ‘abstain from big macs’ youd think i said ‘


4 Responses to “Babies deserve to die! they are sinners!”

  1. sexiloser October 22, 2003 at 2:48 pm #

    thats so great. remember a whileee back when i posted about abortion? and then you commented that God said in the bible to kill babies? no one said anything to that. umm probably because you’re right, lol
    im going to try that on my friend and see if she can give me a straight answer

  2. dirty_girl00 October 22, 2003 at 5:02 pm #

    Danny..i think i’m god. I eat babies..
    *burp* bow before me.

    • bboyneko October 22, 2003 at 8:41 pm #

      it better not have been our baby

  3. molly_sigh October 24, 2003 at 6:15 am #

    hey mr political…how about you find our lovely president and approach him with the same scripture…and then ask him if god is allowed to kill babies…why women can not have 3rd trimester abortions…

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