Conversation with crazy Jehovah’s witness

31 Jul

A conversation I had today with a JW..for your information they consider an ‘apostate’ anyone who speaks against their religions, especially former members like me:

crazyJWGirl: did u know that all apostate Jehovah’s Witnesses are on the NSA CIA, FBI, every government high security list
Neko: lol
Neko: did you know smurfs live in the center of the earth
Neko: why the hell would the us government care about people who don’t agree with the Jehovah’s witnesses?
crazyJWGirl: lol
Neko: with barely 1 million membership in the US?
Neko: I thought the us government itself was in league with Satan
crazyJWGirl: Because they see apostates having a greater form of evil then every other sect of religion, culture or race on the planet, I got that info from an ex CIA agent that I know
Neko: lol
crazyJWGirl: Satan manipulates them
Neko: then it must be true
Neko: at least I can give you verifiable facts
crazyJWGirl: those people are of satans world and their most likely religious in some way or form so apostate is evil to them
crazyJWGirl:the only real fact you’ve shown me is that u r an apostate and I don’t want to talk to u nemore
Neko: your not thinking logically. Why would the overthrow of the tiny religious group of Jehovah’s witnesses threaten the us government in any way
Neko: why would the us government agree with the Jehovah’s witnesses, a group that doesn’t even salute the flag or do military service
crazyJWGirl: tiny religious group, Hitler tried to exterminate us and failed and we were much smaller then
Neko: read the 1934 yearbook to see what Jehovah’s witnesses said to hilter back then
crazyJWGirl: even the us government knows of the 144000 and the fear when the day comes, they’re just like in Jesus’ day when the Pharisees and Jews knew what was right but they didn’t want to be proved wrong even when they killed Jesus

BTW- the JWs in the 1934 yearbook praised Nazi germany and said jehovah god had the same ideals as nazi germany and then proceeded to bash the jews and say they are the source of many of the worlds problems


6 Responses to “Conversation with crazy Jehovah’s witness”

  1. thanny July 31, 2003 at 2:00 pm #

    HAHAHAHA! i am always amused by people who think the govt has so much interest in such weird shit. if they only knew the volumes of real stuff that has so much more importance and actuality to it, but can barely be investigated due to lack of manpower and funds, i don’t think they’d worry so much.
    or so says the CIA officer assigned to watch over my every move!

  2. ouranophobia July 31, 2003 at 2:01 pm #

    I hate pyscho religious people like that.. really, how CAN you be that dumb? I just don’t understand ignorance like that.

    • bboyneko July 31, 2003 at 3:11 pm #

      Re: omfg
      I used to be a very hard-core member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and beleived just like her. The difference between me and her is I’m not weak-minded enough to fall for it for long..I was raised in it and so it took me a while to leave, but leave I did.

  3. iaintblue August 1, 2003 at 8:39 am #

    It makes me absolutely sick to see brainwashed people fight with words carefully placed in their mouths by sick power hungry religious leaders, most of whom are brainwashed themselves.
    I thank MYSELF (not God, no one but me) for leaving that awful instution every day of my precious life.
    What a pile of horse shit, I can’t belive I ate it for as long as I did. Reading stuff like this just makes me feel sorry for my (non-imediate) family, who barely speak to me now, for their ignorance….

  4. blackdave August 8, 2003 at 3:57 pm #

    Whetup Dawg. Just read your Livejournal for the first time in a hot minute.
    Thats an insane conversation. The extent to which religous sects can brainwash people is absurd. I’m not JW but I am christian (pentocostal) and the extent of bullshit any of these groups can come up with and convince people of is ridiculous.
    Mind If I maybe posted that conversation on my livejournal? I love exposing such bits of stupidity with the world.
    Holla at me if its OK, or just reply to this

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