Iron Giant is the bestest

12 Jul

I just finished watching one of my most favorite cartoons ever made, Iron Giant on DVD. If you haven’t seen this film please do. I feel in the United States feature-length animated films are taken for granted. The level of artistry shown in such productions as Iron Giant or even the recent Sinbad are modern works of great art.

The great artists of the past, the Leonardo’s, the Raphael’s the Bernini’s (Gian Lorenzo Bernini is in my opinion, the greatest sculptor the world has ever seen, please click here to see some of his work) all were commissioned by the church or wealthy aristocrats…the results were of course, paintings and sculptures dealing exclusively with Judeo-Christian iconography and mythos, as well as portraits of the rich. While the works themselves are of course excellent, they lack some soul.

See, today’s great artists are commissioned by the new opiate of the masses, the entertainment industry. The great modern artists that will be celebrated in centuries to come are the very ones creating such art as the key animators and character designers of Iron Giant, or the sculptors of the McFarlane toys I revere so much. These great artists living among us create art for comic books, children’s books, ads, magazines, television, and movies. Stan Winston is a good example of a modern sculptor who creates for films and not for the church as his predecessors did.

Hey quick factoid, didja know vin diesel did the voice of the iron giant? hehe thats cool. So in summary, Iron Giant is very underrated and you should all watch it. Or I’ll shave your household pets and possibly taunt your houseplants.


One Response to “Iron Giant is the bestest”

  1. sexiloser July 12, 2003 at 10:19 pm #

    the best cartoon ever made is definitely beauty and the beast 😛

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