Advice from Kurt Wimmer on acting

8 Apr

The following is the advice Kurt gave me, and I thought it was really nice so Im posting it here:

(in response to the news of my audition)

“No shit! That’s great. Here’s a bit of advice that’s always served me well in these matters. Always expect and plan for the worst – that way, the worst thing that can actually happen is that you end up being wrong and something halfway decent goes and happens. And also keep in mind – in Hollywood nothing happens until it’s actually already happened. Things can turn on a dime. So, once you get something like an audition done – move on right away. Don’t sit by the phone. That’ll eat you up. Assume youi didn’t get the roll (but know you did your best, of course) and focus on what your next crime will be. That way, Hollywood will never be able to break you (or it’ll take them longer anyway) Kick some ass buddy! Kurt “


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