Ok I got a script..yay! MGM Straight Up starring Morgan Freeman

4 Apr

Depending on how long you’ve been reading this journal you may or not be aware I am an aspiring actor. (insert googley eyes and wistful, orchestral rising music) But like, my only goal is to one day do a commercial, I don’t care if it’s Dr. Schoall’s odor eaters, I’ll be a happy Dan.

So I eventually got an agent, and have done a lot of extra work on tv and film, and gone to a lot of auditions, all for commercials.

Well today, my agent calls and gave me my first feature film role to audition for. yay! Its for an MGM film entitled, Straight Up! starring Morgan Freeman. I don’t know a lot about the film yet, other than it’s based on an award-winning documentary called “Colors Straight up!” It’s about 2 men who work together in an inner city youth program that uses the arts to help kids escape and overcome the violence that permeates their lives. (can you tell I cut and pasted that hehe)

The role I’m auditioning for is

SUNDAY: Latino male, 18; bright, articulate, upbeat and theatrical. He is a former gangbanger (oooooh k) who has seen the light (again..oohhh k) An aspring pianist and a great dancer, Sunday thrives in the “colors” project. His dream is to go to college and become a doctor. (LEAD)

So yeah, its a lead role! I doubt ill get it, but honored my agent thought I was good enough to try for a lead role in a film. Agents only send people to auditions they think will grab the part.

I am going to type up the script I was sent and then post it here so everyone can see and maybe give me advice.


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