Strange things happen

6 Feb

I left my AOL Instant Messenger on after I left work yesterday with the following away message:

“Valentines day sucks! Who wants to be my valentine? Anyone? *crickets chirp*”

I received a plethora of amusing messaged, among the highlites:

-I’d be your valentines..but yunno..been there done that (from an ex gf)
-I’ll be your valentines! (from like 3 different guys…who were serious)
-How do you export a flash file as an exe? (probably the most romantic of the bunch)
-It’s not valentines day yet dork
and of course, i did get good friends saying theyd be my valentine and I think that’s great 🙂

Thanks everyone!


One Response to “Strange things happen”

  1. chickenbacon19 February 6, 2003 at 11:02 am #

    I was gonna leave you a message too but I never got around to it
    I’ll be your valentine:) lol

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