West Wing – Story from an extra

28 Jan

So I was a background actor on Westwing on NBC yesterday..showed up at the set at 10 am..didn’t leave till 2:50 am..the only good thing is they fed us A LOT. I went down with my friend craig ..my friend patrick got sick and couldn’t go either.

It was fun, it was an inaugural ball scene. The guys were dressed to kill in tuxedos, and the women likewise in sexy evening gowns. We danced as the camera sweeped through us and as camera crew ran through the crowd. It was cool. I met a LOT of cool people that I will likely hang out with again.

At the end of the night I got pictures with John Spencer who plays Leo on the shows, hes also from LA LAW, and then with allison jenney, she plays CJ on west wing and also was in american beauty with kevin spacey. She is so tall! 6 feet or more. I’ll post pics as soon as craig send them to me.

Word to the wise: being an extra sucks..didn’t go to bed till 4:30 am and had to wake up at 7 am for work…ack im hallucinating.


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