Remote Viewing

21 Jan

Listen to this:

“U.S. News and World Report” January 27, 2003 is a double issue on the state of the US intelligence community, and features a two-page article on the government’s former Star Gate remote viewing program. Paul H. Smith and Russell Targ were interviewed for this piece, as were others in the remote viewing community. Whether the program will be portrayed in a positive light is not known, but the journalist working on it seemed quite favorably disposed.”

Wow! Kick ass, I have been a major fan of remote viewing, most of the stargate program took place right here in fort meade Maryland. Stargate was abn officially government funded psychic spy program. Former President Carter, in a speech to college students in Atlanta in September 1995, is quoted by Reuters as saying that during his administration a plane went down in Zaire, and a meticulous sweep of the African terrain by American spy satellites failed to locate any sign of the wreckage. It was then “without my knowledge” that the head of the CIA (Adm. Stansfield Turner) turned to the stargate program. As told by Carter, “they gave some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point and the plane was there.”

I have spoken to former members of stargate and it’s very interesting. I need to start practicing this stuff more, anyone can do it with training and practice.

tFigure Figure 2 target


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