17 Jan

Ok so my roommate comes home one day and is like “oh i got a job as management for $35,000 a year” and I;m like oh congrats! That’s great! But then something starts to nag at the back of my skull….why isnt she more excited? SO i press further “Well, what are your duties?” and shes like “Oh managing perfume sales” or something like that…and already I am having red flags go off… “yeah and then theres 6 weeks of sort of paid training” and now im on full SCAM ALERT..unfortunately my internet at home is kaput so I couldn’t look up anything about my suspicions right there and I kept my mouth shut.

Now i come to the office and do a quick search for “perfume management selling scam” and get like a ZILLION links to this. Apparently it is a well-known scam that targets young people around her age with a deceptive classified advertisement for positions such as “commercial designer” “manager sales” or “Administrative sales management” Then they “interview” you (i put it in quotation marks because they will take anyone) and then invite you for a 2nd interview, this time with a group usually. This is to make it seem like you were selected past an elimination round, when again, they take everyone.

They go by the name of WORLD PERFUME or SCENTURA PERFUMES and it’s already been banned in the state of Illinois as an illegal pyramid scheme. For those of you unfamiliar with pyramid schemes ( also called MLM or Multi-level Marketing) it works (or actually, doesn’t work) thusly:

A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of making money which requires an endless stream of recruits for success. Recruits (a) give money to recruiters and (b) enlist fresh recruits to give them money.

A pyramid scheme is called a pyramid scheme because of the shape of a pyramid: a three dimensional triangle. If a pyramid were started by a human being at the top with just 10 people beneath him, and 100 beneath them, and 1000 beneath them, etc., the pyramid would involve everyone on earth in just ten layers of people with one con man on top. The human pyramid would be about 60 feet high and the bottom layer would have more than 4.5 billion people! Obviously simple mathematics proves that this cannot work as a real business model. The only people who make money are the top 2 layers, the very scam artists who created it. Everyone underneath is suckered into it and loses money.

In a straightforward pyramid scheme, a recruit is asked to give a sum of money, say $100, to a recruiter. The new recruit then enlists, say, 10 more recruits, to give up $100 each. In the simplest example, the recruiter keeps all the money he gets from his recruits. In our example, each recruit gives up $100 in exchange for $900 ($100 from each of his 10 recruits minus the $100 he gave his own recruiter). In order for no one to lose money, the recruiting must go on forever. On a planet with a limited number of people, even if the planet is as large as Earth and has almost 6 billion potential recruits, one runs out of new recruits rather quickly.

Thus, the result of all these schemes is inevitable: at best, a few people walk away with a lot of money, while most recruits lose whatever money they put into the scheme. In fact, the only way anybody can make money through a pyramid scheme or chain letter is if other people are defrauded into giving money upon a promise of getting something in return when it will be impossible for them to get anything at all in return. That is to say, in plain English, these schemes always constitute fraud. They use deception to get money. That is why they are illegal. They are not illegal because they involve recruiting people to recruit other people to recruit other people. That is perfectly legal and is done to some degree in many legitimate businesses. They are not illegal because they involve giving money to people. It is perfectly legal to give money to people. They are illegal because they involve deceiving people in order to get money from them: that is the legal meaning of fraud.

In actual fact, however, no pyramid scheme will ever work this way because the scheme will never get the number of recruits we’ve been speculating about. All pyramid schemes will begin to die when the later recruits don’t sign on in numbers large enough to pay off the earlier recruits.There will always be enough people who will smell the scheme out. There will always be too many people who will say “if it sounds too good to be true that’s probably because it is.” There may even be a good number of people who will realize that though one person recruiting ten doesn’t sound like much, it quickly adds up to unrealistic and improbable numbers. Also, all it takes is one person to stop the whole thing, either by adamantly persuading recruiters of their indecency, or by reporting them to the police. Well…in theory


Pyramid schemes are popular because people are GREEDY and naive and greed can do wonders to a person’s thinking. For a person desiring to make a lot of money from a small investment in a short amount of time, wishful thinking often takes over where critical thinking should step in. Wishes become facts. Skeptics become idiots for not getting on board. I’ve experienced this sort of thing before when trying to warn people about other get-rich-quick scams like Quixtar.

In short, they get young, naive hopeful people just entering the professional job market with a deceptive classified ad, and lie and lie and lie to them so that they end up in parking lots peddling cheap ghastly smelling perfume. This is hardly what I call Management and you will not earn anywhere near $35,000 a year doing this. Hopefully she will listen to me on this, id hate for her to have to learn the hard way.



  1. Anonymous April 21, 2003 at 2:32 pm #

    Thanks for the link to my report
    Thanks for the link to my report. I wrote the huge ripoff report you mentioned.
    It is so good to see others actively alerting others to this scam.
    Three things:
    Just to let you know though, the second link on the world perfume and scentura scam:
    has been closed, but you can find the complete text at my ripoff report.
    Second, World Perfume and Scentura do not ask money from their “employees” directly, like other pyramid schemes. Instead employees give them money through sales of perfume, indirectly. Scentura was found by a district court in illnois to be a multi marketing scheme. I still beleive that both world perfume and Scentura ARE a pyramid scheme.
    Third, World Perfume and Scentrua are alive and well in Illinois, despite the court order. There are several thriving distributors throughout Illinois.
    Thanks for your posting, letting others know about this scam. I enjoyed it. hope your roommate realizes how morally corrupt these company are before she loses a lot of time and money.
    JD aka

    • sara jones January 14, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

      My daughter and her friend recently applied for a position at WORLD PERFUME and I had some questions about the company . What made me have question about the company was the details she was giving ,me. Six week training and for a homework assignment to sell neighbors the perfume and she would make a profit from this late she call me and told me to look up the company on the internet and I saw this articule and warn my daughter and her friend about this company . THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR WARNING ALL THE YOUNG PEOPLE ABOUT THIS COMPANY

    • stacey May 6, 2012 at 1:00 am #

      this just happed to me!!!! but i got away in time im trying to reprot them!!! i went to the police dept. and they said they couldnt do anything about it but!!! they also!!! but here in ARIZONA !!!!! my story is the exact same as the story above!!! i knew there was some thing fishy going on !!! cuz im only 18 years old and there making me a MANAGER ALREADY, but yet in our group there was a guy who just graduated ASU but they didnt hire him so i thought that was a little wierd.. every day there was less and less poeple in our group but when they try to make me sell 15 products for a game i knew some thing was up !!!! because they said ONLY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! but gave us noooo SAMPLES OR AANYTHING BUT A PIECE OF PAPER !!!! my family member helped me research them about perfume pyrimid schemes !!!! and it was the EXact SAME THING !!!! i, want every boy to know about this please help
      me !!!!!!!!!!

      • Amy July 19, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

        Hi Stacey,
        I was searching around because my daughter just got involved with this company. She was very excited, and on the second day they had this competition for who could sell the most bottles of perfume, so she was asking all of her friends and me as well to participate. She is going on what she is calling a “sales trip”. Would you be able to tell me what this entails, and maybe some questions that I can ask her to get her to understand that this is a complete scam? She is telling me that her selling this perfume is merely a step towards her full-time position in management, and that I can’t talk her out of this opportunity. I am also in Arizona, and these guys call themselves WPT Inc.

  2. Anonymous October 3, 2003 at 8:41 am # All of the info on Scentura and World Perfume you ever need Bboy Neko
    Here is more info on Scentura and World Perfume, Bboy Neko. On the new webpage,

  3. Stacey May 6, 2012 at 1:04 am #

    LOCATED 1835 E. 6th st 85281 tempe , az suite 16 !!!!

  4. Perfume hustler June 7, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    Yourselves guys worry about so much as far as what is a scam and what’s not a scam and so on.! There is nothing Diffrent we do then what other companies do that are in sales.! So if you got hired on with let’s say a time share company and your pays are based on the time shares sold… Does that make time shares a scam if you don’t sell any thing and don’t get payed?! When a car lot throws up bonuses for the top sales people and make it competitive for them to sell more.. That has to be a scam right cause they create friendly competition..! You people read wrongful accusations about people who couldn’t sell but decide to depict a business because they didn’t do what they needed to do to hit a bonus which is sell x amount of bottles which is clearly stipulated in their second interview! We run a perfume office and have ran several of them and had hundreds of people come in for interviews and several people in which we opened into their own office and are continuing to train, and recruit!!!! If you friend or daughter or sister or brother came to you and said I got a job atwal-mart would you look on Yourselves internet for a scam report of wal-mart of coursenot when they have thousands and thousands of the same reports as perfume does..! If we had half the amount of haters (a hater is a person like the people

  5. Oscar O March 19, 2014 at 11:33 am #

    I can’t believe how people rush to the defense of this pseudo-pyramid scheme. They are either willfully blind or have no moral compass.

    Designers International, xxx Management, Blah-Blah Wholesale, whatever incarnation it is at any given moment, are all connected to either Scentura or World Perfume. Their recruiting practices are misleading, dishonest and unethical. People considering this “opportunity” – please read the negative comments here and on other complaint sites. I cannot vouch for individual experiences and unique horror stories, but be assured that the “business model” is always the same.

    The defenders of this scheme always try to emphasize that this is a “business opportunity”. I have yet to see a single one of their ubiquitous “Management Trainee” classified ads state this in print.

    The defenders of this scheme always state that “it’s not for everyone”. Correct. It’s not for anyone who wants to sleep soundly at night and pay their bills.

    The whole system is based on lies. The recruits are lied to and misled before they even walk in the door. They are then trained to lie to prospective customers. If they lie long enough and well enough, they get to open their own office, become a Chief Liar and perpetuate the scam.

    The defenders of the system insist that it’s not a pyramid scheme. Bull. Sure, the recruits don’t directly shell out money up front, but what about the fuel spent driving around during “training” for 6-8+ weeks? What about the initial “practice” sales to friends, family, starter kits, etc?

    The fact is that this system requires a constant influx of new recruits to replace the bright ones who leave almost immediately. In fact, if it weren’t for the “new blood” continually coming into the office it would close. This is the definition of a pyramid scheme and was found to be such: “In 2001, the Illinois Appellate Court ruled that the contract between Scentura and Long (office owner) was a “pyramid sales scheme”, violated the law and was unenforceable under the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.”

    The year is 2014. I put up with 2 days of this bullshit back in 1990. It’s still going on. Rob & Ricki Zuckert were the owners of the Illinois office I blundered into. They move around the country quite a bit, it seems – currently operating as “Wholesale Texas Fashion” on Facebook. If you had a successful business, with a quality product and an effective sales force why would it be necessary to move several hundred miles from your previous location every 2-3 years?

    Job-seekers, do yourselves a favor and run from this “opportunity”.

    Defenders of the Scam, please don’t attack someone who is trying to save others from grief and disappointment. Besides, if I can identify you and you’re anywhere within 100 miles of my location I’ll come drag you out of your respective parent’s basements and kick your asses.

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