Flash can bite me

14 Jan

I just had a hell of a time clipping backgrounds out of bitmaps in Flash. Ok you can trace bitmap and remove white background but it looks shitty. So instead i traced around the bitmap in photoshop, then made the paths a clipping path and exported as eps. Flash refused to import the EPS right. So then i tried exporting paths to illustrator as an AI file then pasting the bitmap into Illustrator, and created a clipping mask there with the exported path and the bitmap. I then saved it as EPS and tried importing into flash again. Still no go! FLash kept telling me that it can only import Adobe Illustrator EPS files and im like you cocksucking piece of shit program! it is an illustrator EPS you smackwhore. So then, since I already had the path as a vector path or whatnot when I had exported path to illustrator from photoshop
I filled the path with one color, then imported THAT into flash, as a vector shape. So now i had a vector shape that perfectly fits over the area I want to mask in the bitmap. So then i import the bitmap untouched into flash and then i have that vector path on a layer ontop of the bitmap. So i simply place the vector path over the bitmap perfectly, select both, and create mask and voila! background clipped and its all nice and smooth, no jagged bitmap edges. So how was your day?


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