6 Jan

bboy honda: sexy
BboyNeko: who is
bboy honda: ahh wrong person
BboyNeko: im sexy
bboy honda: yhaha
BboyNeko: nick, i nevr knew you felt this way about me
bboy honda: i wasn’t talking about you!
bboy honda: haha
bboy honda: haha
BboyNeko: well i mean, i am sexy and all
BboyNeko: but its kinda weird when you point it out
bboy honda: hahanooooooo
bboy honda: it wasn’t for you!
BboyNeko: no, you cant take it back now
bboy honda: haha yess!!
bboy honda: i take it back already
BboyNeko: you cant deny your feelings


One Response to “lol”

  1. mistystarr January 6, 2003 at 4:19 pm #

    lmao! he was probably getting frustruated. hehe.

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