Simples things are nice

30 Dec

highway at night

Yunno, driving along the highway on my 45 minute commute to work you start to entertain yourself with things. For me, it was musing on what future generations will think of our way of life. And when I mean future I mean thousands of years from now. I imagine that we will no longer burn fossil fuel, that the use of fossil fuels will be considered insane in general. Also, we won’t have highways and stuff,the most direct and efficient mode to get from point a to point b would be flying, hovering, no need for take off or landing strips. So highways will be a thing of the past.

I think that future generations will think it romantic the idea of being able to get into internal-combustion engine vehicles, fill it with non-renewable fossil fuels, and drive from Peru to Canada, from England to France, from china to Afghanistan. The idea of having gas-stations, road side diners, tourist traps.

And you know what? Highways are pretty. During the day, the sun shines off the metal of the vehicles, you see great distances in front and behind you. You pass through weather systems, drive into rain, away from it etc. After a snowfall cars with their roofs covered in snow send cascades of the white stuff falling onto the street, and then the chunks explode and the shrapnel dances on the street, sometimes keeping up with your car, almost as if its trying to race…until its momentum slows down. I think that’s a very pretty things, snow falling off cars and shattering on the street as you drive, especially with the morning sun glaring.

At night, the lights of endless cars face you on the opposing highway, and then in front of you and endless sea of the red running lights of the cars headed the same general direction as you. Maybe it’s dumb to think of highways as a thing of beauty, but I really think they are.


One Response to “Simples things are nice”

  1. mistystarr December 30, 2002 at 1:48 pm #

    future afar
    ive always wanted to live long enough just to see flying cars and i thought that i would but it doesnt seem like it now. lol, when i was a kid i always thought the world would end up like the jetsons. and this would happen when i got older but its not, hehe, oh well.

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