Happy shiney people

25 Nov

As most of you know I was raised a Jehovahs Witness. I was on my discussion board that I run when my friend Jan posted this link

It’s a discussion of a Jehovahs Witness publication entitled: Life: How did it get here, by Evolution or Creation? The Jehovahs Witnesses are very proud of this publication, they think it is very scientific and that if anyone would just read it with an open mind they would be convinced that Life could not have POSSIBLY come from evolution but must have been created by a mystical super-intilligent life form who has no beginning nor no end.

The discussion is interesting because it shows me what outsiders think of the Jehovah’s Witness religion. I am currently an atheist and disassociated myself from the church. However I still maintain an interest in the activities of this religious group since I consider them a cult, and my entire family is still deeply involved with the group. Among their most dangerous beliefs is that God would rather have you die than accept a blood transfusion. So countless hundreds if not thousands have died in the hospital room rather than accept a blood transfusion after a medical emergency. This includes children as young as 5. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are very proud of these children they sacrificed before their god like some ancient Aztec human sacrifice. Here is the cover to one of their periodicals, the AWAKE! magazine, where they celebrate the children that have killed:

Youths Who Put God First, May 1994

So yeah, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are not on my favorite people list. Here is another image from their publications, showing how happy they will be when Armageddon comes. They believe that when Armageddon comes (which will be any day now) Jehovah God will kill anyone who is not a member of the Jehovah’s Witness church, which is like 99.9% of the world’s population. Yet they can’t wait for this great slaughter to take place. See in the picture how happy they are, and notice the church burning in the background? They believe all religions that aren’t Jehovah’s Witness are actually led by Satan. Crazy shit. Anyway I am gonna get back to work.

Armagedon Happy time


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