hehehe there is a moral here somewhere

20 Nov

man..i have had a lot to drink..i am at the company party..they have this every Wednesday..they buy pizza and beer for everyone..its awesome..anyway my boss was telling me this story..he was out fishing in Miami…and his friend puts down his brand new, $10,000 Rolex watch on the boat while he massages his wrist cus it was hurting..and then BAM! A fish jumps out of the water and EATS THE ROLEX..there has to be a moral here somewhere about the true value of material things. Also a moral about spending $10,000 on a watch.


One Response to “hehehe there is a moral here somewhere”

  1. lisa_monique November 20, 2002 at 4:37 pm #

    I took two morals from the story.
    – Expensive bait will bring the fish to you, instead of having to go to them.
    – Unless you are a damn good fisherman, with excellent reflexes, it’s best not to leave a $10,000 watch on the ledge of a boat.

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