Today a 15 year old hung himself

22 Oct

MySadFriend: my friend killed himself yesterday
BboyNeko: seriously?
BboyNeko: how old was he
MySadFriend: 15
BboyNeko: holy shit dude
BboyNeko: did you know him well
MySadFriend: yea i did
BboyNeko: do you know the main cause?
BboyNeko: or reason behind it
MySadFriend: nobody does
MySadFriend: but he didn’t get along with his parents
MySadFriend: he is adopted
MySadFriend: he started doing drugs
BboyNeko: he didn’t leave a note or anything
MySadFriend: police wont say yet
BboyNeko: how did you find out
MySadFriend: my friend told me cuz he’s his next door neighbor
BboyNeko: jeez man
BboyNeko: do you know how?
MySadFriend: hung himself
BboyNeko: holy shit
BboyNeko: i guess no one had a clue huh
MySadFriend: ull prolly be hearing about it in the news soon
MySadFriend: nope
BboyNeko: man that’s so tragic
BboyNeko: sometimes it seems hopeless when your that young
BboyNeko: but its not as bad as you think
MySadFriend: its soo weird
BboyNeko: i guess we’ll know more details later
MySadFriend: i wish i could say one more thing to him
MySadFriend: ya we will
BboyNeko: well noone knows what happens after we die
MySadFriend: prolly nothing
BboyNeko: prolly
BboyNeko: but that makes it more tragic
BboyNeko: cus you cant say anything anymore to help
BboyNeko: i guess
MySadFriend: he was a really nice guy
BboyNeko: when people are depressed
BboyNeko: they dont like to talk about it
BboyNeko: what would be really sad if he was clinically depressed
BboyNeko: if you have clinically depression, people get depressed for no reason at all, but the depression is so overwhelming it can be a handicap, you cant get shit done and nothing can make you happy
MySadFriend: but he seemed happy to me
MySadFriend: he never talked about being depressed
BboyNeko: i guess you can’t know what his home life was like
BboyNeko: did he have a lot of friends at school, or did he get bullied?
MySadFriend: he had lots of friends
BboyNeko: no recent breakups with a GF
BboyNeko: nuthin like that
MySadFriend: nope
BboyNeko: jeez
MySadFriend: nothing
BboyNeko: that’s just so tragic
BboyNeko: hanging is a horrible way to die, its not that what could drive someone so young to end their life
MySadFriend: I really dont know
MySadFriend: maybe drugs fooled with his mind
MySadFriend: but they say it was non drug related
BboyNeko: i figured
BboyNeko: people on drugs are unlikely to kill themselves
BboyNeko: most drugs other than speed make you mellow out
BboyNeko: and want to just stare at a wall
BboyNeko: whatever it was that killed him he felt so ashamed about that he didn’t share it with anyone
MySadFriend: what about heroine and shit like that
BboyNeko: heroine makes you stare at wall
BboyNeko: your more likely to die of overdose
BboyNeko: cocaine makes you hyper
MySadFriend: yah truly
MySadFriend: ya i know
BboyNeko: i have a feeling his drug use is a red herring, it has little to nothing to do with his suicide
MySadFriend: yeah ur prolly right
MySadFriend: prolly his home life
BboyNeko: i dont know if you knew his adopted parents well, who knows if they treated him right


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