Yay I am going to the ren fest!

17 Oct

I am going to the ren fest with Stephanie, she is the one on the left. The girl on the right is Allie. Stephanies boyfriend is out for the weekend and she has two tickets so I get to go with her, and allie is in ohio for the weekend. So it worked out:

Hot sexy ladies

The ren fest is cool, I’ve only been there once before. The 26th Annual Maryland Renaissance festival..sounds neato. Last time i went I bought a kule wooden sword..so yeah..i got a big long wooden sword I like to play with hehe.


That’s a photo from last years ren fest, did you know jousting is marylands official sport? It’s fun to watch. I don’t think I will dress up though.

On another note..I was on yahoo web designer chat room last night..and a guy said about me : ‘you sound like you are suffering the effects of acute sleep deprivation combined with caffeine overdose”…how right he is! Aaaaand he said I probably have a 2 liter of either mountain dew, code red, or red fusion next to me right then, and in my freezer I have a zillion hot pockets…damn that sucks..he was right on every count..I fit into a mold! I am a cookie cutter person..ack..I am not unique hehehe. Oh well. I met this cool mexican dude from California who does a lot of web work for the Latino community and I might do some business with him.

Ok..i am off to visit Karoline in gaithersburg…god I hope I don’t get lost. I bought her a present but I won’t post it here cus she might read what it is and ruin the surprise…hehe 🙂


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