wow people actually read this thing

15 Oct

I guess I will update it more often eheh.

I was talking to karoline again today about her bf derek. She says she would never cheat on him, and I was saying that ‘beware he who is standing that he does not fall’

You should never trust yourself that much, that you would never do something. The fact is, unless you are a brain floating in a jar you are fully capable of cheating on someone, and it could happen. You must acknoledge the possibility and face your weaknesses,or else you will fall.

What happens when you meet that one person, that one intoxicating person who is like a drug, who wants you and your significant other is not around, and you ant nothing more in the world but that moment? You have to be prepared for the moments of weakness.

Like saying youll never kill someone…but what if…everyone has their price, or their button, something that makes you angry beyond beleif, and you have a weapon, again..prepare for your wekaest moments, acknowledge your weakness, realize you CAN and COULD do the unthinkable..and then you are stronger for it.


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