Modeling Scam

13 Aug

Okay, I have this thing against scams, especially modeling scams and avon bullshit. Here is a email I wrote to a local modeling scam:

Dear Yvonne De Ridder,

I had an ad placed on my car for your modeling school. As a working and represented model, I feel I must write to you and ask a few questions.

For starters, your school sounds like a scam. Since you are not an agency, you will not make any money by sending models off to do work. Real agencies make money by sending their talent out to shoots and then gaining a percentage of the salary earned. So it’s to their benefit to accept only the most beautiful people.

In your case, as a modeling school, you only make money by training models. Therefore, it is to your benefit to accept anyone, no matter how unrealstic their chances are at actually becoming a model.

Modeling schools are a waste of money. Models are beautiful people, and no amount of training can make an unattractive person a model. This isn’t acting. This is looking pretty and getting a photo taken. no training is needed whatsoever.

Here are my questions:

1) You mention clients in your ad. List these clients.

2) You mention well known stars as judges of some modeling competitions. Name the judges that have particpated in the past.

3) You mention these competitions are glamerous and highly publisized. Name one newspaper, magazine or television station that ran your ad.

4) You mention that graduates WILL have a career with your modeling school. What kind of career. As a janitor? As a model? Can’t be as a model since you are not an agency.

5) name one of your graduates who has been placed with a major agency, and name the agency.

If I do not receive satisfactory answers to these questions I will be sure to spread the word about your modeling school scam and for people to not waste their money on such an obvious attempt to take advantage of their dreams.

-Daniel Ferro


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